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Do Not Throw

We all have the tendency to finish up what we are doing and pass it off for someone else to deal with. It’s the path of least resistance and most importantly, least responsibility. In software development, we call this throwing it over the wall. You’re finished with it, so you toss it over to the next guy and let him deal with it.

Product Teamwork

If you throw your designs over the wall don’t expect that the development team will ever learn to understand the importance the decisions being made. When we exclude teams from our process we leave the mystery behind meeting room doors and the culture will never adapt to one where the user is made central to the development process.

Product Project Management

We want everyone involved in a project to think about the decisions they make and how they will affect the final product. We want them to realize that every little detail can improve or diminish the experience our users have with our product and with our brand.