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During the journey down your career path there is a tipping point of skill and experience that can be beneficial or detrimental, depending on your perspective. Beneficial if you’re employed and have nothing but more experience to gain using your current skillset. Detrimental if your skillset stagnated during your years of experience and now you have to find another job.

Whether employed or not, take a look at what’s out there and you will find that for many jobs you have more than ample skills but with your experience you become “overqualified” for the position. Really this means they would have to pay you for your experiences more than they are willing to pay. On the flip side there are more senior positions out there but your experiences aren’t enough to qualify you for the job. Really this means you don’t have the skills required to get the job done. Either way, qualified is what stands in your way.

This won’t help people looking for work right now but my advice to those who are comfortable in what they are doing is to try to find some extra work that will push your abilities. If you only do what you know, you will never learn anything new and your skills will become outdated. Try something new, volunteer for a project where you can learn something you’ve wanted to learn. Find online training for your industry and follow the social media where experts share their knowledge.

If you’re employed, watch for that tipping point where your years of experience outweigh your skills, make sure you keep that balance. If you’re looking for work, take what you can get and build a new skillset to compliment your years of experience. Never stop learning.